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Missoula Children’s Theatre

Missoula Children’s Theater

The Missoula Children’s Theater has come to the Lake for the last four years. It has provided the children of the Lake area, from kindergarden to high school seniors, with the opportunity to perform some classic fairy tale plays. In 2011 they did “Cinderella”. In 2010 “The Princess and the Pea”.
On Monday morning about 10 a.m. a little red truck pulls into our audition sight and two young drama graduate directors begin the start of a fantastic week. The children are arranged in a large circle by size and the process begins. By noon roles have been assigned and the main characters begin to learn their roles. About 60 children are able to participate either on stage or by helping the directors.
On Tuesday rehearsals begin at 10 a.m. and are over by 2 p.m. This is the process daily till Saturday when the children see their costumes for the first time and have a dress rehearsal. Their first performance is at 3 and a second performance shortly thereafter. The kids help pack up the sets and the little red truck hits the road for another town.
It’s truly remarkable to see the growth of the children in the span of a single week. The Lake Arts Council is proud to have been able to bring this wonderful experience at no charge to the participants.
Traditionally the Missoula Children’s Theater comes to the Lake during the month of July. If you have children or grandchildren who would be interested, we encourage you to contact the Lake Arts Council office to find out details on when, where and how.

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